BRAND x SPIRIT: A Solo Getaway with a One-on-One Coaching Session.

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In this day and age, image is everything, and authenticity is vital. Does this make you cringe? It shouldn't. When your personal brand is on point, you're a magnet for opportunity and a machine for manifesting. 

So what gets in our way? Overthinking. Self doubt. Procrastination. Indecisiveness. Aversion. Distraction. Burn Out. All of the above. This session will help you sift through the chaos, organize the elements and confidently define your personal brand. DECLARE YOURSELF! 

After two decades in the marketing world, Leisure Expert and Personal Brand Coach Rachel Mae Furman has shifted her focus from products to people. Using the same methods for building a brand, Rachel believes we can manifest the life and career we want through creating our own "Personal Brand Plan." You will leave with a clearer sense of yourself, your goals and how they are reflected in your public identity.  



Anyone can make a brand plan. That's not the problem here. What Rachel hopes to create is an experience that will strip down the psychological layers of trying to define ourselves and our work, then re-organize the core remnants into a clear, conscious direction. Beyond her extensive experience in branding, Rachel brings a human touch as an empath and sensitive intuitive to help connect your personal self with your public self. Marketing meets mindfulness in this mash up of coaching, connection and compassion. 

I understand the struggle, and it is definitely real. Despite successfully building everyone else’s brand, I could never build my own, using self-created chaos, sabotage, depression, anxiety and everything else as an excuse to distract me. When I finally started treating my life like I was treating my work, it all came together.
— Rachel Mae

Now a full-time dweller in the little mountain town of Idyllwild, CA, Rachel has found her calling as a business savvy nurturer, combining her passion for leisure and self-care with her talent for creating a rich brand lifestyle. Rachel will apply 20 years of brand building experience to help identify who you are, who you want to be and how to present it to the world. 


Rachel Mae Furman is a lifestyle specialist in all things leisure and entertaining, from styling to consulting to creating content to hosting retreats and guided "glamping" in her Little White Camper. Her dedication to the pursuit of leisure can be seen on the Today Show, in Vice, LA Magazine, RANGE MagazineCreate & CultivateLonnyThe Glitter GuideThe Chalkboard Mag, and as a speaker at The Unique Camp.   


We are our most important project. We need a plan.


  • Guest Room with a King-Size Bed and Beautiful Mountain View
  • A Healthy, Homemade Dinner and Breakfast
  • Introspective Questionnaire to Complete Prior to Arrival
  • 3 Hour Brand Coaching Session
  • Morning Wrap-Up Session with Actionable Plan for your Personal Brand 
  • Guided Decompression and Optional Leisure Activities throughout your stay

Total Cost: $500

This is a Ladies Only program. Bring a friend and save on the cost! Only $350 each for a Double Package. Ask me for more details...



  • Multi-creatives who have a hard time bringing it all together under one purpose. 
  • Small business owners who have a hard time marrying personal life with career.
  • Burnt out hustlers who forget who they are and have lost inspiration. 



From this session, ongoing coaching available for developing your personal brand & supporting your identified goals:

  • Ongoing Mentorship & Follow-Up
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Squarespace Website Design
  • Media Kit & Personal Promotional Materials
  • Seasonal/Annual Lifestyle Planning
  • Home Organizing for Personal Brand
  • Wardrobe Styling for Personal Brand