The Leisure Lodge is a cozy 1970s A-frame in the little mountain town of Idyllwild. Serving as a home, office and creative studio to Leisure Expert Rachel Mae Furman, the Leisure Lodge provides a modern bohemian style in a tranquil mountain setting for her circle of LA creatives. 

The look was created as a style collaboration between Rachel Mae and her long-time Philadelphia friend and stylist JC Mazza, who visited for weeks at a time to feel the flow and inspiration of the home. Inspired by her grandparents' mountain house in the Poconos when she was growing up, Rachel has always been inspired by a woodsy, 70s vibe, while JC brought the bohemian aesthetic from her family's Ukranian folk roots. Together they coined the look "Mountain Boho". 

My Grandmom Doris was always the perfect hostess, while my Grandpop Jack was a rascal. I wanted to create that combo of comfort and nurturing with a wild and fun side. The magic in this house is tangible.
— Rachel Mae

With soaring windows overlooking the San Jacinto National Forest, The Leisure Lodge has a bohemian soul with a modern sensibility. Dreamy touches like draped fabric canopies over the beds and a chandelier made with knotted sailor's rope over a twisted log add a whimsical vibe to the modern lodge decor.

The intoxicating energy leads to extended stays and lingering visits, as guests soon reconnect with that creative energy that only happens when phones are put away, where meals are gathered around and vinyl records tell tales of the past, where whiskey has a story and vintage Playboy magazines tease and a sky full of stars lures and the smell of fire warms every soul in the room. 

Welcome to The Leisure Lodge.

  (Photo by  Christina M. Felice )

We basically created this home with a power drill in one hand, a glass of champagne in the other and a steady soundtrack of blues wafting in the background. The house was truly created by leisure and for leisure.
— Rachel Mae

THE PROCESS (click to scroll--->) Style/Design Collaboration for The Leisure Lodge by Rachel Mae Furman and JC Mazza